Conservatory Designer 4.0

Quick Overview

Simple and flexible solution to creating conservatories, summer houses and even greenhouses. This standalone package enables you to create your own designs for your conservatory or outbuilding by using a simple sectional construction method.

Choose the type of section you require from the selection and it’s placed for you. You are then free to change and edit the sizes, colours, fittings and appearance to create a fully customised outdoor room. Create photo-realistic pictures of your designs with accurate light and shadow calculations.

Use your structure with background images of your own home to view your design in it’s real world setting, or even export your creations in .aco format and import in to house designs created in Arcon Evo or 3D Architect Home Designer software.

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Includes a selection of objects to decorate your conservatory together with a wide range of textures to enable you to choose the final look of all elements of your design. Add some furniture, choose the floor surface, the material for each part of the structure, you can even tint the glass.

This is a great tool to design your own conservatory without needing any other software installed.  It is also an ideal companion product to our Arcon Evo and 3D Architect Home Designer range.

Key Features

  • Build your conservatory using pre-defined segments and construction elements/accessories, a 3D model of a conservatory can be built in no time.
  • No CAD knowledge required
  • Using the tools and options within the software you can visualise your new conservatory and find a design
    that suits your home
  • Export your structures in .aco format, and use them in Arcon Evo or 3D Architect Home Designer software where you can attach them to houses and projects
  • Works independently to our Arcon Evo or 3D Architect Home Designer titles so can be used alone, or objects can be integrated into any of our 3D home designer software titles
  • Superimpose your 3D conservatory with a background image of your house
  • Resize, position and edit your conservatory to fit your picture
  • Light and shadow calculations enable you to create high quality images which can be printed or saved
  • Intuitive and simple program functions make the software quick to learn.
  • Individual conservatory segments, construction elements and accessories are automatically placed with a mouse click
  • Each segment/construction element/accessory can be dimensioned and angled before or after you place them
  • Different angled roofs can be combined and edited
  • Guttering can be automatically generated
  • Each segment allows easy insertion of different window constructions
  • Fully customise the appearance of your conservatory by choosing the colours and textures of each element in order to produce designs in metal, wood or pvc style materials
  • Selectable features such as window bars and handle styles to ensure a style that suits your design
  • Tint and transparency levels can be adjusted to add coloured or opaque glass
  • Incorporate 3D objects such as furniture, plants and lamps
  • Individual construction elements can be switched on and off
  • You can print or save your project as a (.bmp/.jpg)
  • Export your model as a .aco file to import into Arcon Evo or 3D Architect Home Designer 
  • Windows® 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista