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On-Site Photo

Quick Overview

On-Site Photo is a software program for determining accurate dimensions from digital photos. The distinctive feature of this software is its simple operation. On-Site Photo is a universal tool to enable you to determine quantities in digital photos, redraw views on digital photos, draw 3D components on digital plans, lay and visualize solar modules in digital photos (V2010) and design photos with colors and textures.

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On-Site Photo uses a very precise procedure to determine dimensions from digital photos. Establishing the dimensional reference using one or two known measurements. Correcting perspective and distortions caused by the lens of the camera


Key Features of this Edition

Enables anyone to use the advantages of photo-grammetric procedures. Images of any digital camera and scanner can be used. Measure several image planes in a project. Pixel-accurate working with display of the measuring accuracy.

A universal tool for planners, building professionals, architects, experts, site managers and craftsmen

Generate layout reports for lengths, circumferences, areas and volumes which can be exported to MS Excel.

For the export to CAD, a powerful 2D and 3D Allplan interface is available. Additionally On-Site Photo offers an AutoCAD interface and the DXF format.

Rectifies images or image sections and saves them with freely selectable resolutions

Assembles rectified images to high-resolution panoramas.

On-Site Photo provides comfortable 2D and 3D drawing functions.Create view drawings and damage mapping.
Calculate the enveloping surface of buildings with a direct interface to Energieberater Professional. 3D components for the graphic quantity determination on scanned plans. Planning and visualization of solar modules with a comprehensive module library and direct interface to PVscout

Offers extensive image designing functions for colours and textures. Textures of the texture library
are represented with the right size in the perspective. In addition any image can be inserted as a poster.

Colours can fully cover image areas and remain transparent, if desired.Transparent colours take into account structures and lighting which are present in the image. This leads to high quality optical representations in
the colouring.

System Requirements

  • Windows PC
  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 400Mb Hard drive space